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Peugeot Design Contest 2007

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    Peugeot Design Contest 2007

    Peugeot Design Competition 2007

    P.L.E.A.S.E. innovate!

    Re-invent the ‘Drive of Your Life’, Peugeot style:
    è Discover a LIFE size version of the car at the Frankfurt 2007 Motor Show and
    è Drive it in the Xbox VIRTUAL world!

    For the fourth edition of this competition, which since launch in 2000 has already generated nearly 9,000 original projects, Peugeot is asking Internet users around the world to reinterpret the car as a source of authentic pleasure. Six letters sum up the philosophy of this fourth invitation to the creativity of designers who surf the Internet: P.L.E.A.S.E.!

    P.L.E.A.S.E. innovate!

    Start with a blank sheet of paper and imagine a new type of car:
    Pleasurable (to drive)

    The winning project will be produced as a scale 1 model and shown on Peugeot’s stand at the Frankfurt 2007 Motor Show, and will also be featured in the Project Gotham Racing® 4 video game, only on the Xbox 360! In addition its designer will receive a cheque for €6,000.

    Questions to Frédéric Renard, in charge of the concept cars project at Peugeot’s Product Department

    How has the Peugeot design competition evolved over the years?
    Today this competition has become a classic and has many imitators! With nearly 9,000 projects received from the three previous editions, the word about the Peugeot Design Competition has spread to all five continents. The quality and originality of projects, their description and the illustrations that accompany them, have improved every year, emphasising the seriousness of their creators. The number of participants is equally impressive, with more than 6,300 having taken part; some are even old hands with more than one competition to their name! So this fourth competition looks set to be the best yet and will, I'm sure, give rise to many great projects for the dream car of the future!

    How would you describe the theme of this new competition?
    This theme is at the crossroads of the real and the virtual. Firstly, the project must be real in the sense of having functional characteristics that operate in the real world. The virtual aspect relates to the fact that the project will have a fun side and will be integrated into a video game. We want this theme to focus designers around the world on one key aspect of motoring, namely driving pleasure. The search for driving pleasure is one of Peugeot’s main concerns, which it has even made its Marque signature!

    What rewards are on offer for this fourth competition?
    The best reward for any car designer is to see their project produced as a scale 1 model! As has been the case in previous competitions, the model of the winning project in this 2006-2007 competition will be presented on the Peugeot stand at the Frankfurt 2007 Motor Show. We’re offering more to the winner this year with the collaboration of a major partner from the world of video games, the Xbox 360. So, the winning project will also feature in a video game on the Xbox 360. Plus, the winner will receive a cheque for €6,000 and will see his project “mass produced” in the form of a miniature.

    The origins of the Design Competition
    Concept cars, like production vehicles, are a striking illustration of the importance Peugeot attaches to aesthetics. Finding inspiration in a particularly rich heritage and history, the creativity of designers at Peugeot’s Style Centre has given rise to a new interpretation of the “Peugeot style” in each of its contemporary manifestations. This is the case for example with the 908 RC and the 207, which illustrate that style can be truly special without remaining totally inaccessible.

    And so, there was only one thing for it! This style value, deep-rooted in the Marque’s history, gave rise to the largest design studio in the motoring world: Peugeot’s Internet Design Competition! Organised since 2000, the three previous competitions have inspired thousands of amateur designers to come up with thousands of projects. Only three designers have seen their dream car brought to life as a scale 1 model presented on the Peugeot stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

    Moonster (2000-2001)
    Design your Peugeot of the year 2020
    Marko Lukovic (aged 22) – Serbia

    Peugeot 4002 (2002-2003)
    Design your retro-futurist Peugeot
    Stefan Schulze (aged 32) - Germany

    Moovie (2004-2005)
    Design the Peugeot of your dreams for the immediate future
    Andre Costa (aged 22) - Portugal

    The competition in figures (2004-2005 edition)
    Projects: 3 800 (+ 36 %)*
    Participants: 2 600 (+ 38 %)*
    Country: 107 (+ 19 %)*
    Internet vote: 105 000 (+ 12 %)*

    (*) variation compared to the 2002-2003 edition

    The schedule
    1st phase: design
    Beginning of September: announcement of theme
    From 6 October to 4 December 2006: projects are submitted to the site

    2nd phase: selection
    Between 14 and 22 December 2006, publication of the 30 projects short-listed by the panel of judges, followed by voting on the Internet and in the press. The ten finalists will be selected in the days that follow, between 22 and 26 January 2007.

    3rd phase: announcement of the winner
    In mid-February, the name of the winning project will be revealed on the web site.
    In March 2007, M. Frédéric Saint-Geours, General Manager of Automobiles Peugeot, will award the “La Griffe” trophy to the designer of the winning project, on the Peugeot stand at the Geneva Motor Show.

    4th phase: production
    The scale 1 model of the winning project will be produced between April and September 2007 and included in the Project Gotham Racing® 4 video game, only on the Xbox 360.

    5th phase: the unveiling
    In September, the concept car produced on the basis of the winning project will be presented on the Peugeot stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

    Competition exclusive to the Internet
    The Design Competition is exclusive to the Internet and has its own dedicated site: . This site will provide information concerning the competition and interactive events (voting, interviews, etc) throughout the duration of this fourth edition.

    The panel of judges and selection criteria
    The panel of judges will be composed of Peugeot representatives, including top managers from its Design Centre and from Xbox, as well as journalists and Internet users, who will be asked to vote on line.
    The panel of judges will make its choice based on the criteria of originality of the project, quality of the final submission (visuals, explanation of the concept), as well as consistency with the theme.

    September 2006

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